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A Livingston Montana newspaper dedicated to serving the Park County Montana Community

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About Us

To be a positive voice for the community and it’s business owners in Livingston and surrounding areas. Local, local and more local news!

Hello and welcome to Park County Community Journal, formerly Livingston Current.

My wife, Steph and I purchased and took over Livingston Current in June 2013. Our goal was to emphasize the importance of our community with positive articles and feature stories of local people, places and businesses.

Steph and I have been in Livingston for over 8 years and have come to the conclusion that Livingston is where we want to be. The people and community are great, there is lots to do and it’s just plain and all out beautiful.
We have over 50 years combined in the newspaper business. My wife got her beginnings in Texas working for a small daily newspaper and moved to Colorado in 2004 to work for Colorado Mountain News Media as Assistant Prepress Manager. Colorado Mountain News Media is a central printing facility for Vail, Aspen, Summit, Glenwood Springs and many other area tourist newspapers.

I started out in Minnesota for a small daily as a Graphic/Prepress Artist and moved to Colorado where we met. Steph introduced me to Colorado Mountain News Media where I became their Prepress Technician.

Even though Steph and I loved Colorado and living the mountain life, it was both of our dreams to some day live in Montana. After lots of time on the internet, researching and learning about different areas of this great state we decided Livingston is where we wanted to be.

There is a positive impact in having a community connection between all the towns of Park County. We will concentrate on publishing the positive stories of the people, places, community events, businesses, high school and sports in Park County.

For the people who enjoy to open up the lap-top instead of opening up the paper, you can read all our content online at

PCC Journal is also excited to announce that we will be broadcasting the Park High sporting events online through our website, thanks in part to Debbie Juhnke. Keeping the community informed on what our kids and young adults are accomplishing is personally one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

Park County Community Journal’s mission statement is to be the positive voice of Park County with local, local and more local news. And for us to accomplish the goal of being that voice, we need to hear what Park County wants to say. We have been asking members of the community what they would like to see in their local newspaper, and we have gotten great feedback. I would like to say thank you for the opinions, ideas and input and we ask that it keeps on coming. We will also have a calendar of events page both in the paper and online. Please feel free to contact us at any time to give us your ideas, or let us know about your event.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the community, and thank you for reading Park County Community Journal.





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Windy Way Rock Shop, Livingston, MT

The Pampered Chef

David Rust Carpet

Insty Prints, Livingston Montana

Juhnke's Junk

Back Porch Quilts

American Automotive

United in Light


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