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Joyce Johnson






PO Box 143

Emigrant, MT 59027

A Bit About Me

Born and raised in sunny So. California, where free Jr. Colleges and jobs were abundant,...and the weather was just...nothing like here,…I most benefited from temp work for variety. I could job hop and did. My real education was from jobs, and travel to Australia and Singapore where I worked around until my late 30s.  But when I visited Montana I stayed.  The little town of Livingston, after L.A. was enchanting and retro.  I could exhale there. The river rebelliously running north and our grand Rockies and big sky shows were and are arresting, and, well known for attracting artists.

So, my life has been a Path of Jobs; office work rental cleaning, dog and house sitting, front desk at Chico, and all along using my inherited art skills sketching portraits for friends, at festivals, and in studio off & on for many years. While working in a Livingston sign shop, we painted big local signs and theater stage sets; I painted 2 murals for our museum,…but painting signs designed to promote everyone’s businesses around town sprouted the wordsmith in me.  Writing for and about our people and events for the past 12 years for PCCJournal has been most fulfilling, ever-changing, and just plain fun.

My Articles

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