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Annual Livingston Elks Lodge Christmas Baskets

by Cassi Geiser

The Livingston Elks Lodge #246, is currently taking donations and orders for their annual Christmas Baskets.

The Elks Lodge has been in motion, in Park County, since 1895, according to veteran-member and an organizer of the Christmas Baskets and other Elks Lodge events, John Morford. Morford said, the Elks Lodge has run the entire program for several decades easily and Livingston Food Resource Center (LFRC) a partner since he can remember.

Morford said that event feeds well over 350 families throughout Park and Sweet Grass Counties every year and it is the Elk’s big annual Lodge Project. Anyone in need can sign up for the baskets at the Livingston Food Resource Center.

Annual holiday auction organizer and member, Heather Green, said the Elks Lodge and Livingston Food Resource Center work together to give turkeys, pies, sides and all the fixings for the Christmas dinners. She said these Christmas dinners are available for as many people as are in need, if signed up at the Food Resource Center and at the Elks Lodge — this year, by December 7, and will be delivered Saturday December 16, one week before Christmas. Green said that they are earlier this year because the Saturday before Christmas is the eve of Christmas Eve.

“It’s our most recognized program throughout the surrounding counties and we are very proud of it,” said Morford. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it to help out our community.”

On Friday, December 1st, The Elks Lodge will be participating in the 111th Historic Christmas Stroll, sponsored by the lodge that will be open and stamping the Stroll cards and giving information about the annual Elks auction. Green said that the Elks Lodge bar will also be open during the events.

Green said the Elks Lodge hosts an annual auction and the auction items donated go to help fund the Christmas Baskets. On December 2nd a silent auction will begin at 4pm, and later a live auction with Jim Logan at 7pm and chili and cornbread will be served for donation of any amount, and the bar will be open!

According to Green, last year the annual auction was very successful, making about $38,000 after expenses.

“A great community event and I think it’s going to be a really good one this year. I think we are going to be bursting at the seams with stuff. Our community is so wonderful. We sent letters, but I walked into maybe 60-70 businesses and everybody wants to give something.”

Green said that any additional funds raised we give back to the community charitable organizations we contribute to such as ASPEN, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, we usually make more than we need to cover the baskets so we give back to the community.”

Through November 18th, Thanksgiving baskets are available through the LFRC exclusively, anyone interested can sign up for them at:, or contact the LFRC at: 406-222-5335 to sign up for either program.

Or if you would like to join the community dinner as a volunteer let us know. The Elks Lodge will be hosting this free Community Thanksgiving Dinner from 1pm-4pm on Thanksgiving Day, just show up, it is open and free to all.


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