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Canine Corner

by: Kylie Purcell

Q: I want to adopt a cat, how can I help my dog to adjust?

Cats and dogs can be best friends! It’s important to find a cat that will blend in with your family. If you have a very active household and a young dog—an older cat would not be the best fit! Try looking for either a kitten or a young cat under 3 years old. This will allow the cat to be able to establish its boundaries with the dog. First off, if you are adopting from a shelter bring your dog in to meet the cat. They may have done an assessment with one a dogs but each dog is different. We were told that one of our cats hated dogs and it would not come out of the basement if the dogs were in the house. The cat only stayed in the basement for a couple hours before he ventured out to meet the dogs. It is also important to establish boundaries for your dog. You must be clear with your dog that the cat is not a toy. You should be 100% certain that the dog and cat respect each other and not leave them alone unattended. It is important the cat has its own safe place, an area where it can get away from the dog. A baby gate that allows the cat to either go under and/or over and into a room by itself works best. There are also some pheromone diffusors and sprays that help them to adjust. The best thing is time and space for both. Remember to give each animal some one-on-one attention to help. If you notice that the dog will not stop focusing on the cat especially when the cat runs, it may be best to consult a professional. There will be some curiosity and that is normal but it shouldn’t be an obsession. Best of luck!

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Kylie has been actively training Livingstons dogs since 2009. She began teaching dog obedience with late, great Jo Sykes, and the rest is history!

Montana Dog Company is proud to offer retail, 24-hour self dog wash, dog training, and so much more. Kylie has competed with North American Dog agility Council for over 25 years and with many different breeds of dogs. Even though training is her passion, she enjoys the outdoors with her husband, toddler, and baby boy. Livingston is her home and she is here to work for you and your pup! Contact her today!



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