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Community School Collaborative

Hosts Successful 8th Grade Law and Order Day

The Community School Collaborative proudly announces the success of the annual 8th Grade Cougar Career Day: Law and Order, was held on Thursday, May 2, 2024, at the Livingston City/County Complex. Overwhelmed by enthusiasm and curiosity, all 8th-grade students from Sleeping Giant Middle School and Arrowhead School embarked on a learning journey into the heart of law enforcement, public service, and community governance.

The day commenced with a kickoff by esteemed Attorney at Law, Rebecca Swandal, setting the stage for an immersive exploration of career clusters including Government and Public Administration, Information Technology, and Law, Public Safety, and Security.

Spanning eight interactive stations, students were exposed to a diverse array of professions and scenarios, each designed to ignite passion and foster understanding.

At Station 1, Lesa Maher of Youth Court Services demystified the youth court system, enlightening students about available services for Livingston’s youth and community.

Station 2 witnessed Park County Commissioners, alongside Carly Ahern, orchestrating a mock County Commission meeting focused on the Wellness Center project. Empowered to voice their opinions, students actively participated in local governance.

Chris Brookhart of Park County Search and Rescue was outdoors at Station 3. He imparted invaluable backcountry skills, emphasizing teamwork and quick thinking in rescue operations.

Deputy Creighton Rhodes of the Park County Sheriff’s Department led Station 4, providing insights into law enforcement operations, including patrol procedures and arrest protocols.

The investigative journey continued at Station 5, where Detective Rhenon Stoddard guided students through a mock crime scene investigation, honing their forensic skills and critical thinking abilities.

New dimensions of public service unfolded at Station 6, where Josh Pierce of EMS and Fire Protection showcased the vital roles of firefighters and paramedics in Park County.

At Station 7, Livingston City Police Department’s Assistant Chief of Police, Andrew Emanuel, and Sergeant Corey O’Neill showcased the invaluable contributions of police canines in law enforcement.

Finally, Scott Konley of the Park County Health Department led Station 8, educating students on the importance of food safety and handling, empowering them to create safe cooking environments commercially and at home.

The Community School Collaborative extends heartfelt gratitude to all participating agencies, presenters, and volunteers for their unwavering commitment to inspiring and educating the next generation of community leaders and public servants.


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