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Emigrant, Heart of Paradise Valley...If You Ask Me...

by Joyce Johnson

The Journal is back—a torch is re-lit—a new outreach to and for the community. We’re excited to pick up the pen again. We contributors, columnists and ad customers salute the PCCjournal owners for their effort to keep it free in the face of rising costs, and we are optimistic and eager to once more be a supportive voice for Park County’s people, news, and views.

It has been a couple years since the PCCjournal went on “extended vacation” because of the pandemic along with many wounded small businesses that had to cut way back, or sadly close, but some went on an adventure with other occupations. To be real, “adventure” sounds more fun anyway, and life is an adventure…. gulp, right? We have all been on a trek through the unknown lately, challenged by the decidedly dark consequences of the pandemic, and it’s not over yet. But! We have to saddle up and head on out, don’t we? You betcha.

During the 10 years of my column writing here, I got used to waking up in the middle of the night with column topics, and with you readers in mind. I have missed writing to you, as though to personal friends, with the freedom to write what I chose to, share my personal

life even, using the skills acquired here of positive communication and respect for our richly diverse views. But most of all this trust, this freedom, taught me how to be a small pond photo

journalist, reporter, essayist, promoter of local efforts and events. I did a few interviews to promote the lives of locals, and even wrote fun fairy tales here in one or two issues. I learned

to be a confident caring village scribe/writer because of you really. I learned how precious our

readership is, and what a privilege is freedom of expression. This all is a big deal! Namaste, my friends.

Montana is a great place to live and we are proud of it. Although that statement is commonly spoken, it is time to what?….get back in the “spirit’ of it. It is not just because we love and defend her majestic rugged beauty, and resources, her colorful complex history, mighty river, and famous National Park—which all is a big deal—but we’ve been distracted.

The “world” is here too if truth be told, and freedom is being suppressed. But real Montanan’s are the “Spirit” of freedom, of a place and people, still rich and intact, a legacy of many generations of founders whose brave roots are strong and deep….. to be defended best we can. There can no no losing of this effort and this…bolt of the heart.

As the mix of opinion and agendas continue to rock the world and lock horns everywhere, we can counter that which is not of the Montana Spirit. We have the right and spark within to fearlessly say no to what has turned out to be lies and betrayal launched from any movement or “side.” I love the Gandalf fiat: “Thus far and no further!” (and whoops, he got lassoed didn’t he?) But came back! And with a bolt from his heart, and sword of truth— the timeless archetypal hero (within us) appeared on the hilltop astride the big white steed to lead the charge, the rescue….man’s favorite myth. [ But that pointy hat just has to go. Lets put a white

Stetson on him.]

Help us grow. Until next issue, please check out our new website as it expands into interactions with you, and with ongoing news briefs and daily updates. Submit your ideas, views, ad needs, and photos and art. You may wish to simply donate to the effort, thank you! Lets be “upshot” and have fun with this! Although negatives are real, if compelled to share

them?...aim to sculpt them into positives, yes?—it is our power to do so, just ask any artist. [, and write to me:]


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