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Experience the Quiet Beauty of Nature at The Frame Garden

An exhibit of photographs by George Kalantzes are on display at The Frame Garden through June 25th. Kalantzes is a landscape / nature photographer whose artwork depicts the quiet beauty found within the grand landscapes of the American West. Simple, intimately composed images are key characteristics of

his work.

“Since becoming a professional landscape photographer in 2014, my images have increasingly focused on more intimate, smaller segments of the broader landscape. I particularly enjoy this process because it imposes a more deliberate, thoughtful approach to photography. One that in my estimation fully enables the creative mind and produces more artistic images. The desire to create this type of imagery is motivated solely out of my personal interest in experiencing and sharing the quiet beauty of nature in uncluttered places.”

“My photography is done primarily in out-of-the-way places, often well away from others and almost always I’m alone. It is in these places that I can fully concentrate on what I am trying to accomplish photographically. There are many artists and places in the western US that I draw inspiration from. Without question, the quite corners of rural landscapes are some that speak to me the most.”


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