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Harmonizing Creativity:

How Park County’s Community Connects and Inspires

by Brent Ozment

In the few years since making Park County my home, I’ve been continually inspired by the profound sense of community and the sheer creativity that thrives in every corner of this remarkable place. The spirit of collaboration isn’t just a practice here. It’s a way of life that weaves through our local businesses, community programs, and educational initiatives, creating a vibrant tapestry of interconnected support and creativity.

Celebrating Local Champions

Bitterroot Records and High Trash Boutique stand out as beacons of community support and cultural enrichment in downtown Livingston. These two local businesses do more than just sell unique items—they actively participate in nurturing the creative potential of our youth. Bitterroot Records, in a commendable gesture of community engagement, donates old and broken records which go into the unique materials section at Tuesday Art Nights held at Educatio, where guided by experienced artists, kids and adults alike learn how to transform these records into upcycled art projects. It’s a practical lesson in sustainability that also sparks creativity. Seeing their work come to life from discarded items, the youth of Park County learn that resourcefulness can lead to extraordinary results. This kind of initiative not only promotes environmental awareness but also cultivates a sense of accomplishment and pride among our young creators.

With such close proximity and aligning values, this kind of symbiotic relationship fosters a sense of connectedness and care that radiates downtown. Bitterroot Records also sells the Ozment Art earrings, made from upcycling guitar strings and records. This provides just another example of how crucial a role this business is to the unique vibrancy of our downtown, and the creative exploration opportunities it provides to our youth and entrepreneurs alike.

High Trash Boutique has been a longtime supporter of Ozment Art’s creative endeavors. Amidst the array of amazing everything they have, maybe you’ve glimpsed some unique wooden bowties showcased around an old cigar box or some wild intriguing belt buckles. As a local artist and creative, I couldn’t survive the way I do without stores like High Trash Boutique providing a platform to sell these accessories, to tell these stories of my life. The willingness for local businesses like these to work with artists, creatives, nonprofits, and the youth of Park County is incredible. I’m stoked to be a part of, and shine a little more light on it.

Pioneering New Paths in Community Education and Development

In a recent shift, Educatio has recently announced a change in its operational focus that underscores its commitment to community education. While Educatio will not reopen as a traditional school this fall, it is not stepping back from its educational mission. Instead, it is evolving to offer more targeted and accessible educational programming, workshops, and classes. This new direction allows Educatio to extend its reach, providing valuable learning opportunities outside the conventional classroom setting.

Simultaneously, Brett Ozment, Allison Vicenzi, Project 49, and ArcologyX are all working with Educatio, establishing a headquarters of sorts for these businesses to operate, communicate, and thrive. This collaboration marks the beginning of a new chapter for these entities as they combine resources to focus on the progression of such unique Park County initiatives. This headquarters will serve as a base camp from which they can launch various community development projects, host community events, or rent out creative studio space, significantly enhancing their impact.

Project 49, known for its efforts in revitalizing underutilized urban spaces, sees a synergistic partner in Educatio. Together, and with the help of local creatives, they aim to create a dynamic hub for community engagement and learning. This unique relationship will leverage Educatio’s educational expertise and Project 49’s developmental acumen, focusing on creating spaces that not only foster learning but also contribute to the local economy and community cohesion.

This strategic alliance reflects a profound understanding of the need for adaptive educational environments and community-focused development. By working alongside one another, Educatio, local creatives, and Project 49 are setting a precedent for how educational and developmental initiatives can synergize, transforming challenges into opportunities for community growth and innovation.

A Model of Community Collaboration

The connection between Bitterroot Records, High Trash Boutique, Tuesday Art Night, Educatio, Project 49, ArcologyX, and local entrepreneurs exemplifies the strength of community ties in Park County. This symbiotic relationship not only enriches our local culture but also strengthens our community’s economic and educational fabric. Each initiative feeds into the next, creating a cycle of support that uplifts all involved—from the local business owners who provide materials, to the artists who share their skills, to the students who learn and create.

This collaborative spirit is what makes Park County a special place to live, learn, and grow. We invite every resident to join us in supporting these local businesses, artists, and community programs. Whether you’re purchasing a unique item from High Trash Boutique, spinning a vintage find from Bitterroot Records, participating in Tuesday Art Night, or enrolling in an Educatio workshop, you’re contributing to a cycle of community support that makes Park County thrive. Tune in next week for updates on these and other amazing initiatives happening right here.


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