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Insurance Tips

with Alice Senter

Q. When I get a homeowner’s policy, I don’t need anything extra, do I?

A. Every homeowner is different. Policyholders often add additional coverage to meet their specific needs. The most common of theses is unattached structures, such as a garage or storage shed. You can also get coverage for personal property, like jewelry or antiques of all sorts. With antiques, you can only purchase coverage for the value, since there would be no replacement options. If you have a valuable antique, worth over $10,000, you would likely need to get an appraisal on it.

Additional living expenses coverage would be for the cost to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired after a loss, such as a fire. One that we see often here in Park County and other rural areas is coverage for a sewer backup. It covers damage to the sewer line and the expense of cleaning standing sewage in your home, as well as repairs for damages. And lastly, umbrella policies, which we will cover in the next article.

FYI. Remember the two major perils not covered with any homeowner’s policy are flood and earthquake. Most policies also exclude termites, mice, vermin, and regular wear-and-tear with use over time. There is usually a limited amount of coverage for mold, but the key word is limited.

The best course of action as a homeowner is to meet with your insurance agent for personalized guidance for your insurance needs and options.


Alice Senter

Owner of Key Insurance in Livingston

Alice Senter, was born in Livingston and graduated from Park High School. Alice’s career has been in banking and insurance. She is the owner of Key Insurance in Livingston, located at 124 West Lewis Street, in Livingston, Montana.

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