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Leadership 49 Announces Year 10 Graduates

LIVINGSTON - Montana State University Park County Extension is proud to announce Year 10 graduates of Leadership 49, a nine-month leadership program designed to develop empowered and engaged citizens that will strengthen and connect the communities of Park County. These 18 graduates join 160 community leaders as alumni of the program.

Comprised of monthly day-long sessions, community-based experiences, and a group project, participants develop leadership skills, increase their knowledge about challenges and opportunities, and network with community groups, leaders, businesses, elected officials, and others.

“Joining this group helped me understand Park County as it is now. To learn how diverse the county is, and the people are, is uplifting” shared Keva Ward, Park County Community Foundation Program Director and Year 10 Alumni.

Congratulations to the Leadership 49 Year 10 graduates:

• Carly Ahern, Livingston

• Sally Allwardt, Wilsall

• Hannah Anthony, Livingston

• Ashton Bunce, Livingston

• Phil Hancock, Livingston

• Baily Goodwine, Livingston

• Shannon Holmes, Livingston

• Josie Jesson, Livingston

• Maria Koppelberger, Gardiner

• Patrick Orr, Wilsall

• Brett Ozment, Livingston

• Vicki Petry, Livingston

• Israel Rowland, Livingston

• Katie Smith, Livingston

• Morgan Squires, Emigrant

• Ashley Wagner, Livingston

• Keva Ward, Livingston

• Lee Woolley, Gardiner


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