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Dear Editor:

Vote for your right to vote. Don’t be tricked into voting NO on Ref. #1. Don’t let expensive advertising campaigns financed by newly minted local millionaires trick you into voting no. These guys are just the small fry. Huge financial conglomerates and their non-profit nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) are the big fish at play in the effort to restrict usages on private land in rural Park County. Vote FOR Referendum #1 to repeal the current Park County Growth Policy. The current Park County Growth Policy ignores and restricts the property rights of people who live outside Livingston’s city limits. Vote FOR Referendum #1. Vote FOR creating a new Park County Growth Policy that will address the concerns of Park County’s rural residents living outside the jurisdiction of Livingston’s urban city government. Vote FOR Referendum #1.

Vote FOR Referendum #2. The current growth policy was instituted by three County Commissioners. Steve Caldwell and Bill Berg who are no longer in office and Clint Tinsley, now retiring. We need to create a new Park County Growth Policy that includes rural voters living in the unincorporated areas of Park County.

Vote for our right to vote.

Edwin Johnson

Gardiner MT 59030


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