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Livingston Group Urges Support for New Wellness Facility Through Special District

Livingston Group Urges Support for New Wellness Facility Through Special District Livingston voters will soon be asked to help turn a once-in-a-generation opportunity into reality. Generous donors, led by the AMB West Foundation, have offered the city a brand-new wellness and recreation center. Local voters have only to agree to pay for a portion of its staffing and upkeep. For most homeowners, this would amount to about $15 a month in extra property taxes. A new grassroots group of city and county residents is urging people not to let this opportunity slip away.

• Here’s what we stand to gain:

• A safe and supervised after-school and weekend destination for youth, open all


• The ability to attract competitive swim meets, drawing athletes, their families and

fans from around the state, adding to our year-round economy.

• Boosting the overall health of the community.

• Teaching water safety and swimming lessons. (Our existing summer only city pool

is on its last legs.)

• Meeting and gathering spaces.

• Sports opportunities ranging from pickleball to basketball to an indoor walking


• Creation of up to eight living-wage jobs.

• Free use of the facility for all city residents.

After a public survey was conducted five years ago by local Livingston entities, they found a recreation facility was the number one request. AMB West Founder Arthur Blank and others volunteered to raise the funds for the construction, estimated at $25 million, That’s the biggest gift anybody has ever offered this community. Accepting it, by passage of this levy, will provide benefits for generations.

City government has endorsed the proposal and ballots will be arriving in your mailbox soon. The “Vote Yes for the Recreation Center District” members urge all of our friends and neighbors to accept this gracious offer.

For the price of a monthly restaurant lunch, Livingston residents can point to a state-of-the-art recreation and wellness center, a healthier population, and a boost to the local economy. Let’s not let this generous gift slip away. Watch for your ballots in the mail at the beginning of March. Mark “yes” and return them promptly.

Members of the Vote Yes steering committee include Stacy Jovick, Gina & Scott Morrison, Kristy Aserlind, Marcene Huson, Lesa Maher, Jeanette Waldron, Jennifer McMillion, Emily Kemps, Rachael Jones, Donna Patrick, Holly Sienkiewicz, Veronica and Jeff Collins. For more information, please contact


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