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Livingston’s Loaves & Fishes Their Supply Shelves Are Wanting…

Loaves & Fishes of Livingston’s pantry is getting low on several essential food items. Can you help?

Their mission is to honor and serve Christ by feeding his hungry. They provide nutritious meals to people in need seven days a week. There are no income requirements to eat at the soup kitchen and meals are free. Everyone is welcome for a daily meal from 4 to 6 pm at 301 South Main Street. They also have a community area with free items such as milk, canned goods and bread when extra donations are available.

Please consider donating food items. See their list for items that are most needed. Note the items in orange that are most commonly needed.

A non-profit, Loaves & Fishes has many ways for you to give: Donations of food, money, assisting with serving and clean-up, as well as cooking. Gather up a cooking team, and make a commitment to, for example, the third Wednesday of the month. This is an ideal way for civic organizations to fulfill their community-service goals. If you don’t have a team, individuals will also find fulfilling work at the Kitchen.

Call Rosa (406) 222-4824 with questions or for donation pick-ups. You can also use the Livingston Town & Country drop-off donation box, located near their cash registers. Email them at:


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