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Mother and Daughter coffee team set to buy Paradise Perk Espresso

Bailey Brenna and Merry Nelson Smith owners of Silo Espresso double your morning jolt of java.

November 5, 2023 | Park County Dugout

By: Jeff Schlapp

Emily and Michele Rockafellow in their new Coffeehouse, The Perk on Park, located at 113 W Park St, Livingston.

I called Bailey Brenna a week ago, to offer her congratulations on a Facebook post about her and her mom, Merry Nelson Smith, buying the well known and respected drive-thru coffee shop, Paradise Perk Espresso. During the conversation I asked what her plans for the converted snow cone hut were, thinking she was going to shut it down. Nope, she’s going to keep the original Silo Espresso and just add an additional location with the purchase.

Located on the hillside in Livingston, behind Treasure Lanes Bowling, on Front St., Silo Espresso has its third location. With the addition of the Paradise Perk location, off of Park Street in the Livingston Ace Hardware lot, Bailey feels that she can offer people coffee, drinks, sandwiches and baked goods at two prime locations.

Paradise Park Espresso opened five-years ago by the mother and daughter team of Michele and Emily Rockafellow. They’ve been serving a steady, growing, loyal crowd. But honestly they are enjoying their move inside. Their new location is The Perk on Park, in the Park Place building, located at 113 W. Park Street, in Livingston.

Bailey Brenna stands inside Silo Espresso on a busy Friday morning. Photos by Jeff Schlapp

Emily told me that the two families have been friends for years. Naturally it made sense, when they first thought of selling, that they would ask Brenna and her mom, even though there were others interested in buying Paradise Perk. And of course, it didn’t take long for them to say “yes.”

“They have built up such a loyal following,” Brenna said of Emily and Michele. “I’m going to add someone to help out here and I’ll be at both places. I’m hoping that the team over at Paradise Perk stays on. I used to work there myself and I know the manager who is just great. I’m really excited, it’s a great opportunity and a chance for us to continue to grow.”

Emily was reminiscing from being a new coffee hut by the city pool over a year ago, then over by the civic center, to now having a permanent fix location – it is a great blessing. “We love our new space and look forward to continues service to the Livingston Community.”

Now the Dugout can find Silo Espresso at many locations and when I’m in the mood for breakfast, visit The Perk on Park. Stay local. Drink (coffee) local. Shop local.


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