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Plein Air Painting on the Yellowstone

Livingston Center for Art and Culture August 11th – September 9th

In the 1800’s artist paints and canvasses became more portable - and painting in the open air, instead of in the studio, became possible. Especially popular with the French Impressionists, the practice became known as “en plein air.” The Livingston Center for Art and Culture first hosted the annual Plein Air Painting on the Yellowstone in 2009. And this year, forty artists will once again gather in Park County to paint outdoors and present their work to the public.

Tanya M. Saueressig has experience painting outdoors but finds it’s to be different than working in a studio. This is her first time participating in Plein Air Painting on the Yellowstone – “It pushes me artistically. When I’m painting Plein Air I can paint what I see and what I feel. It’s organic – you’re out in nature. There’s a freedom to make something based on how it feels. It’s a great escape.”

Tandy Miles Riddle does most of her painting outside. She’s a long time participant in Plein Air Painting on the Yellowstone – “I just like being outside. I think better outside. And natural light is the best. I think choosing where to sit is huge - where to start and where to look. How you’re going to do the composition - what colors are speaking to you. I feel like my creativity is unleashed.”

Everyone will have the opportunity to meet the participating Plein Air artists and view their work at the “wet paint” Gala August 11th from 6 to 8pm at the Center. The exhibition will be on display through September 9th.

The Center is located at 119 South Main Street in Livingston. If you would like more information about exhibitions and classes - contact the Center at (406) 222-5222 or visit

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