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Poetry Spotlight


Written by: Robert Nehls

What do you think my vote would be

If I were given the choice?

Would it be for pain and misery?

Would thoughts of death make me rejoice?

Would I say go on; you have the right,

This heartbeat is not real.

I’m nothing therefore cannot fight.

This is not precious life you steal.

Or would I say, give me a chance

To be all I can be?

Would I strive to break the evil trance

That’s cutting down the family tree?

Would I cry, Dear God, give me the power

To make her understand?

The time is now, late is the hour!

Life for me is what is planned!

Would I say it’s true, the choice is yours,

To control your destiny?

But is it right to close the door

And keep your child from being free.

Think hard, dear Mother, that’s all I ask,

Consider all involved.

Meditate before the task.

Let questions of your heart be solved.


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