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Wheatgrass Books will host author Edward Hemingway

Wheatgrass Books will host author Edward Hemingway for Independent Bookstore Day on Saturday, April 29th from 11 am to 2 pm.

Writing and art come together at Wheatgrass Books on Independent Bookstore Day, Saturday, April 29th in the form of a book reading and Chalk Party with author and illustrator Edward Hemingway.

Edward Hemingway is the acclaimed creator of many popular books: Pigeon & Cat, Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story, Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus, and Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship. His writing and artwork have been published in the New York Times, Nickelodeon Magazine, and GQ Magazine, among others. He lives in Bozeman, Montana.

Hemingway will be reading and signing several of his children's books. Join him before and after his reading in making chalk drawings on the sidewalk outside the store, just like the characters in his newest book, Pigeon & Cat, make.

Pigeon & Cat is A Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Book, An Entertainment Weekly Recommended Book of Summer, A School Library Journal starred review book.

“The idea for Pigeon & Cat came to me when I was living in Red Hook, Brooklyn over a decade ago. On my frequent walks in the neighborhood, I became aware of all the feral cats that lived in the empty lots along the avenue. The cats were very cute, and I would often approach them, but they would always hiss and run away as soon as they saw me coming. I wondered what it would take to win them over. Then hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, and I had to move out of my flooded neighborhood. Safe and warm in a new location, I often thought about those cats. Did they weather the storm or move deeper into the borough? I had imagined that they had stayed put, cautiously rooted to the only place they’d ever known. I could relate to that. I hadn’t wanted to move after Sandy but being forced into a new neighborhood turned out to be a very positive and constructive change for me. Since then, I’ve wanted to write a book about my time before and after Sandy. A book about leaving a safe space to inhabit a larger one filled with uncertainty. A book about winning over one of those wild feral strays in Red Hook and showing them there’s new life after a rough storm-so maybe then they’d let down their guard and welcome anyone who’d attempt to cross their path.”

Independent Bookstore Day is a national one-day party held the last Saturday in April. The day is a celebration of independent bookstores across the country and reminds us that these businesses are good for the local economy, contribute to a city’s uniqueness and bring local readers together.

Wheatgrass Books is located at 120 N. Main St. in downtown Livingston. The free event begins at 11 am with a reading, book signing, chalk party, and reception with treats from locally owned Daisy Donuts and Blue Bean Coffee. For more information, send an email to or call 406. 224. 4510.

Contact: Lisa Snow

Tel. 406-224-3895 or 406-224-4510

Independent Bookstore Day with Edward Hemingway

Reading, Signing, Chalk Party, & Donuts

Saturday, April 29th, 11 am – 2 pm

Wheatgrass Books

120 N. Main, Livingston, MT



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