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Canine Corner

by: Kylie Purcell

Q: I have recently adopted a dog and when I leave the house he chews and eats everything! Help!

Congratulations! Thank you for choosing a shelter pet! When we first bring a secondhand pup into our homes, they can easily get overwhelmed. This includes chewing on different things that are not good for them. Think back to their previous situation before you adopted them, they were in a small kennel, had minimal toys, and scheduled activity. Even if you adopt an older dog, its best to kennel them or leave them in a small room for a couple weeks until they are used to your routine. Kenneling at night, when you are away from the home, or even when you need a small break from the pup (this also allows them a small break from us as well). Kennels are sometimes associated with punishment and this should not be the case. All dogs should feel comfortable getting in their kennel. I call my dogs kennels their "houses", once they go in their "house" they are given a treat, most dogs truly enjoy their kennel. Now it can be easy to overload the kennel with blankets, toys, and treats. Keep it simple. One of my pups hates any blankets or bedding in his kennel, he will actually slide it out thru the bottom of the kennel. I keep one or two kennel safe toys in the kennel and I rotate those out every so often. A kennel is also your dogs space. Its important not to let kiddos play around in it or in it with the pup (not saying the dog should have an issue with this but we need the pup to have a safe area). Make sure your kennel is the correct size, not too big and not too small. It should be have enough room for the pup to go in, turn around, and lay down. If your pup is still growing there are kennels with adjustable space dividers. A good kennel is a good investment and you can find quite a few on Craigslist and the Facebook Marketplace. Again congratulations on welcoming this new pup and best of luck!

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Kylie has been actively training Livingstons dogs since 2009. She began teaching dog obedience with the late, great Jo Sykes, and the rest is history!

Montana Dog Company is proud to offer retail, 24-hour self dog wash, dog training, and so much more. Kylie has competed with North American Dog Agility Council for over 25 years and with many different breeds of dogs. Even though training is her passion, she enjoys the outdoors with her husband, toddler, and baby boy. Livingston is her home and she is here to work for you and your pup! Contact her today!


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