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City of Livingston Manager’s Message

By Grant Gager

City of Livingston, Montana logo

With later sunsets and warmer weather, spring is in the air. At the City of Livingston, we're busy preparing for a fun summer ahead in the parks, at the pool and all over town. It is looking to be a fun summer with a slate of events downtown and in the parks, please stay tuned for more details as events are finalized.

Before we leap into summer fun, I hope you can join us to talk about the City's parks and trails. Next Monday, we will hold the first of two listening sessions to help the City understand how users enjoy the parks and what we can do to make sure that the parks are welcoming for all community members. I hope you will join us in the Community Room on Monday April 22nd at 9 am or Tuesday April 30th at 5:30 pm. Come meet our Pubic Works Director, Parks Superintendent and help us understand how the parks may better meet your needs.

Before you join us on April 22nd, think about taking those last remnants of last years project out to the alley. City crews will start the Annual Spring Clean-up on Monday morning. Residents are reminded that the City will come gather one cubic yard of materials and more details are provided on our website.

I hope you take some time to enjoy the green shoots that are popping up and smile knowing that summer fun is around the corner!

Wellness Center Project Update

On Tuesday April 2nd, the City Commission adopted Resolution 5128 which created the Livingston Recreation Facility District. This action followed the election on March 19th in which voters approved creation of the District to support the operations of the planned Wellness Center project.

Creation of the District was the culmination of a process that began on March 7, 2023, when the City Commission entered into a memorandum of understanding to explore possibilities for developing new recreation facilities. Information on the current status of the project and next steps is available on the City's website.

2023 Water Quality Update for Livingston

The focus of the City's Water Division is delivering safe and clean water from our six groundwater wells. Based on the results of our 2023 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, it's clear that we did that once again last year.

A highlight of our testing was the monitoring for Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), chemicals of increasing concern due to their persistence in the environment ("forever chemicals"). We’re relieved to report that our tests, conducted in March and September 2023, showed no detection of these substances in our water, with levels below the detection limit of 2 PPT.

The health and safety of our water are paramount. Alongside our PFAS/PFOA findings, we've also diligently monitored for other potential contaminants. Our tests have covered everything from microbial to radioactive materials, and we’re pleased with the results. Our compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule, and safe levels of fluoride, nitrate, barium, arsenic, and uranium, demonstrate our commitment to maintaining a top-quality water supply.

This achievement would not be possible without the City Water Division's consistent efforts in testing, maintenance and performance of necessary upgrades to our water treatment processes. In 2023, we treated over 768 million gallons of water, ensuring it was safe and clean for every tap in Livingston.

We encourage everyone to look over the full report for more detailed information about our water quality efforts. If you have questions or would like to discuss our water further, Water Division Superintendent Ryan Townsend is available to chat. If you have questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (406)222-5667 or visit our website at

Protecting and preserving our water resources is a team effort, and we’re grateful for the community's support in keeping Livingston's water safe and clean.

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