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Family Days Honors Women’s History with Quilts March 30th

The Yellowstone Gateway Museum in Livingston announces the next Family Days on Saturday, March 30th, from 10am to 12pm. Staff and volunteers provide activities that celebrate Women’s History Month for students, youth, and their families. Activities are available for all ages.

This month participants can make their own papers quilts, using yarn and history-inspired paper squares. Some squares depict successful local and regional Montana women who contributed to the success of our communities, others were created from quilts in the museum’s collection, and blank squares allow artists of all ages to create their own squares to document their own history. Art supplies are included. Coloring pages also available.

In addition, quilts from the museum’s collection will be on display, including a stunning hand-embroidered Montana Centennial quilt that documents many historic events of Park County.

Family Days is held on the last Saturday of each month. Families can visit the museum and participate in different activities that encourage exploration of the museum through different themes. Admission is free.

Visit Facebook or Instagram at yellowstonegatewaymuseum for updates. Call 406-222-4184 for details.


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