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Written by

Robert Nehls

It wasn’t planned or by design,

But somehow it turned out just fine.

My bank account was fairly high.

I lost my job and said goodbye,

To all the things that tied me down.

I sold my house without a frown.

Got rid of almost everything.

Could hear my spirit start to sing.

Packed up my clothes and old guitar,

And started living in my car.

The city never held my heart,

Was just a game, I played my part.

Said, “See you later,” to my friends.

One story starts, another ends.

I filled my tank and hit the road,

Without a care and nothing owed.

The pages opened up for me,

‘Till freedom’s all that I could see.

Just followed notions and a star,

And cherished living in my car.

My clock was sunset and the dawn,

It’s all that I relied upon.

I’d sleep by streams and sometimes share,

The forest with whatever’s there.

Nights silence was a welcome change.

My thoughts would soar to places strange.

I blended in with natures plan.

Just me and God and my sedan.

I learned of life and journeyed far,

When I was living in my car.


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