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Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Association Committee Person of the Year: Bruce Becker

by Jill-Ann Ouellette

The Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Association (PRCA) presented Bruce Becker, president of the Livingston Roundup Association (LRA), with the award for Committee Person of the Year 2024. Becker was selected for the award out of 32 other rodeos in the Montana circuit. The PRCA has 13 circuits. Each circuit nominates an outstanding individual from their circuit.

The Montana circuit of the PCRA, in their presentation of the award, referred to the volunteer forces of the Livingston Roundup Association as a “dying breed.” They commended Becker for close to 30 years of service—nearly a third of the Livingston Rodeo’s 100 years of existence.

By profession, Bruce is an attorney who still finds time for the LRA. Starting back in the 1990s, he flipped burgers at the food concessions. They sought him out to be their new president—that was many moons ago. Even though Bruce, who isn’t a cowboy, has been steering the Board for quite some time, a lot has been accomplished. Bruce mentioned, “It takes a lot of good people and organizations to be this successful.” He is appreciative of everyone’s efforts for the LRA—not just his fellow board members, but also the volunteers, sponsors, ticket-selling locations, vendors, those working with the stock and arena, etc.—but especially the Park County Fairgrounds where the rodeo takes place. “It takes a village to bring our largest annual event to Park County and to be supported by the community for food and lodging. This is a community award.”

The LRA recently looked back on their accomplishments, which include:

• Replaced the old fiberglass, cracked bleachers with aluminum ones, which also enables the rodeo arena to hold five times more people.

• Added high-rise bleachers, increasing the arena’s spectator capacity by 525 seats.

• Implemented a modern, electronic ticketing system under Becker’s supervision,

bringing the rodeo into the 21st Century.

• Replaced the railway-car ticket office with a new, $100,000 ticket office.

• Replaced the fence, added two portable sheds and other storage.

• Built the new, $80,000 crow’s nest.

• Bought the new, much-needed John Deere Tractor along with the fairgrounds.

LRA’s half was $40,000.

Last weekend was the LRA’s major fireworks fundraiser, the 2024 Boots N’ Buckles Ball, on February 10th. They featured a prime rib dinner, dancing to the tunes of Plowed Under, and a silent auction. It was a great success!

This year, in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Rodeo, the LRA is adding an additional day to the rodeo. This summer, the rodeo will start on July 1st thru the 4th—with an extra night of fireworks! Timed event slack will be held on June 30th at 3:00 pm. Barrel slack will be on July 4th at 11:00 am. Slack events are free to the public.

Because it’s the Centennial, Livingston Roundup Rodeo was feeling like more celebration was in order. On June 28th, they are hosting with an arena concert featuring John Michael Montgomery, McBride & the Ride, and three local musicians. As usual, the Livingston Roundup Rodeo Parade is on July 2nd, hosted by the Livingston Chamber of Commerce.

For updated information you can visit the website, or call 406-222-3199.


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