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The MOUNTAINS OF COURAGE 2024 Conference:

“Conversations with the Living about Death and Dying”

Most of us don’t like to talk about death and dying. Many of us have grown up in a culture that doesn’t talk much about death, and even hides those who are at the end of their life away

from their loved ones.

What if there were distinct advantages to being aware of our mortality? What if the best way to love your life is to be ready for, and at peace with, your own mortality? What if you asked yourself every morning, “Is this the day I will die?” and then let that possibility influence your

thoughts and behavior in a positive way throughout the day? You could be acting not from a fear of death, but from the exact opposite—acceptance and familiarity with death.

Fact: 80% of us don’t put our personal affairs in order before we die. Fact: The vast majority of us want to die at home, but 75% will die in a hospital or nursing home, and about 20% of us

will spend our last days in the ICU, in part because we don’t talk with each other in advance.

Reverend Bodhi Be, the keynote speaker at this year’s conference, says:

“We will die and we don’t know when. Everyone we love and care about will die and we don’t know when. How and whether we use this information will shape the course of our lives, our relationships, and our attunement to the sacred. It will shape who we are as a community and

how we care for each other now and when we are dying.”

Mountains of Courage is a one-day conference open to everyone. It will feature a diverse array of topics, speakers, resources, and workshops. This wonderful conference— shaping up to be the best one yet—will explore the practical issues, emotions, myths, and traditions of dying in America. Tickets are on sale now at:


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