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Welcome Columnist Lois Olmstead “Enjoying the Journey”

Who is Lois? To Lois Olmstead, finding an adventure isn't too hard to do... just look from where you are standing. By her own admission, she can’t cook. She once made gravy out of plaster of paris.

Lois impacts audiences with her positive views of living a joyful life speaking as a humorous keynote speaker at over 4200 events in the US and Canada. She received the Hugh B. Anderson Award, which goes to one Montanan each year for outstanding courage and personal integrity while facing the challenge of cancer.

Lois shares how to live with joy and courage, as a motivational speaker, at business training sessions, medical groups, Christian retreats, state and national groups including Malmstrom Air Force Base personnel and a retreat for Innuit Eskimo women in Canada. Inspiring others is something that has become part of her everyday life. She explains with laughter and personal experiences her lifelong theme of Enjoying the Journey.

Lois has found a number of interesting vocations through the years. She has hosted a daily radio talk show in Billings on KURL Radio and is a former County Extension Agent. She owned and operated a gift shop and art gallery in Colstrip called Apple Cider Alley.

Lois lives in Clyde Park, Montana in the Shields Valley not far from the Bohleen family ranch where she was born and raised. She is active in community organizations and is currently on staff at Living Hope Church in Livingston.

Lois has written seven published books and authors a weekly column that goes world-wide on the internet. You can learn more about Lois on her website

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