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Wellness Art & Essays Contest Winners

The competition, hosted by the 4Ranges Foundation, in partnership with Elk River Books and Parks Reece Gallery, invited participants of all ages to embark on a creative journey of exploration to share what wellness means to them. Whether through words or art, contestants shared their own unique perspective on well-being in a way that excites and inspires.

“This has turned out to be an incredible moment of reflection not just for the contestants, but for partnering members in our community,” said Robin Ogata, co-facilitator of the contest. “Livingston is already a hub for art and written expression, and expanding on these opportunities have deep therapeutic values to our community and personal wellness.”

Artists were invited to unleash their creativity on paper or canvas to visually depict what wellness looks like. Submissions included vibrantly colored drawings, imaginative paintings, and collages of symbols and scenes that visually depict happy and healthy lifestyles.

Authors were encouraged to write captivating essays, 500-words or less, to describe what wellness means to them. Specifically, writers were instructed to share personal experiences, tips, and tricks for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Submissions were judged based on creativity, originality, expression of ideas, and adherence to the theme. The panel of judges included experts in wellness, education, writing, and the arts. The Park County Community Journal will be featuring the essays and artwork as a series in upcoming issues.

Wellness Essay Contest Winners:

• Micah Key, Pine Creek School, K–2nd

• Hannah B, East Side School, 3rd–5th

• Paisley Peterson, Shields Valley School, 6th–8th

• Erik Bird, MSU, Adult

• Joe Skaggs, Senior 65+ years

Wellness Art Contest Winners:

• Jack Purcell, Pine Creek School, K–2nd

• Sawyer Skaggs, Pine Creek School, 3rd–5th

• Paisley Peterson, Shields Valley School, 6th–8th

• Jason Karls, Adult

Parks Reece Gallery, located at 119 South Main Street, is hosting the exhibit of all art entries from March 11th to 22nd. The winning essays are posted at Elk River Books, 112 South 2nd Street.

Many thanks to Scott McMillion, Editor-in-Chief of Montana Quarterly, for judging the essay entries and Elk River Books.

Special thanks also to Kay Potter, of K. Potter Fine Art, for judging the art entries and Parks Reece Gallery for exhibiting the art.


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